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You may ask why am I bored

And I shall answer you.

I've been on a search. On a lookout. A sleepless vigil after a job, on a land I know so much and so little (it was hard not to put a rhyme in here). I moved to Glasgow, Scotland, last February. I came with my wife and our dog to start a new life overseas. Since our country left us behind, we felt like doing the same with it. The collateral that sucks: everyone we love is staying there - Brazil, take good care of them or I'll punch you in the eye. 
This longing is not what makes me bored though. I've never been so happy, actually. For the first time, me and Banana (Paula, my wife) have our own flat. Being newly weds that really matters. Blueberry (or Blue, our dog) is in dog's Valhalla. Glasgow was made for the four legged beasts. And me, I'm living my dream of starting a family, while living in the country of my dreams. 
So, how can I be bored? As I said on the beginning, I can't find work. Not on my area. Well, I can find. But I can't get it. Why? Here enters what I did not know about Scotland and UK. On these parts, Human Resources is judge, jury and executioner. And the only humanity they have is in their name. If you don't have enough ticks on their checkboxes, you're back to the shelf. It does not matter if, in practice, you're the better professional. They will never let you prove it. For HR you're just seen as a number and a set of tacky ticks.
You can always try to cut through the middlemen and women. Go straight to the employer and show what you got. Will it work? This you can't ask me. The only thing I am clearly sentient about is that my cleavage is not big enough. I did not get a single answer so far. And that, my wee friends, is what bothers me. What grind my gears. What makes me solo and bored.
PS: Dear HRs, this is not an open letter against you guys and girls, it's just the experience I had so far. All can I say is correct me if I am wrong. 
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