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When dinosaurs ruled my world

Paleonostalgia at its finest - A Jurassic World Review.

I love dinosaurs, since the first time I laid my eyes on one. Not a real one. You know, on a book. I spent my childhood reading, watching, drawing, studying, collecting, building, painting, playing with them. Trying to become one them. Being the youngest of the family, for almost a decade, made me my best friend and my imagination did wonders for me. All I wanted was to be a paleontologist. It was a calling. My calling. It was all I had. It never happened. I grew up and the closest I got to make my dream come true was working as a frustrated paleontologist. Or as you may know, an advertiser.  
The new Jurassic Park - a.k.a. Jurassic World - took me not 65 millions of years ago, but rather closer, just 22 years ago, when I was 8. A Brazilian "cold" 16 of August, when I went to the theatre to watch the original movie with my dad. We arrived three ours earlier, just to be the first ones in. I waited anxiously, eating Chocolate Surpresa bars - dino themed, of course - and enjoying myself with pops. The time came, we got in, and my mind exploded as hard as a mind can explode without being literally exploded.
"But, Solo! Enough with this! How is the new film?", you may ask, harshly. You see, for me, the new flick can not be described as good, bad or ugly, but as a slice of time and space of my life. A perfect good one. In numbers, I'll give Jurassic World a 9 out of 10, just because the 1993's T-Rex looked better than the 2015's.
PS: I cried happy, warm, IMAX 3D resolution tears throughout the entire first act of the film.
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