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Pitch me. Pinch me.

Make me write.

Pitch me. Pinch me.
Make me write.
Throw me a theme
And I might bite. 
For lack of time
never of loss.
I just waive,
me and my cross. 
I'm not a poet,
as you can see.
Just do a favour
For you and me.
Pitch me, pinch me,
Something new.
So I may write 
My way out of this blue. 
PS: In case you didn't realise, this is more than a bad poem, it is also a request for pitches. Make me work. Make me create. Make me stop writing poems. Pitch me ideas and formats, so I can create something new. Just for you :* - note that If you want me to write more poems, you'll be the one to blame. Direct message me at Twitter or comment at this post to let me know what do you want to read. Cheers. 
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