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It all begins with the templates

Starting a blog about stuff while uninspired.

It happened again. After days or months of "I'll write a blog" thoughts, you finally made it. You chose the platform and hope that this one will keep you writing - since the fault of never coming back to your blog always falls on the platform a.k.a. Wordpress and their "friends". 
You got in. It's gonna happen. Oh, shit! The templates. Why so many? Why so needy? Ok. Let's go with the minimal one. The simple one. The I'm not a paint and brush artist one. Or even an artist. I am just a writer. A poor, simple writer one. Pass. Pass. Pass. Wait... Pass. Found it! That's it. This is it. Let the words flo... What? Do I have to pick an image for the header? Sigh. What do you have? You gotta have a library for lazy people, come on. You do! You do. Wow! Look at all of these categories, Why not just black or white? Faded images, nature, cities, work, lifestyle, coffee... hipster's trousers patterns? Fuck this. I'll pick the right image later. No you won't. Maybe I'll take a picture myself.  No I won't. Let's go with the people can read the text one. Perfect. 
Name? Anything. Description. Ahmmm... casual. Go casual. Just create space for dialog with people. If you're writing alone, just for yourself, you are halfway to alcoholic-land's train station. "Create blog". I thought I did that already. Oookay. "Create post". Header done. Now, write about writing this blog. Check and... Off course. The post needs an image as well. Not gonna happen. Or maybe it will. Let me see. Pick the hipster trousers' patterns, people must see I am not (entirely) lying about them. Wrap up saying that you don't know about what you are going to write next. Because you don't. Proofread it. Send to some of your writer friends before publishing if you like. They might try to take you out of this. They're probably right, buy they're probably wrong too. Done. Save. Publish. Repeat. 
PS: change the post's title several times until you get cramps or too much hungry. Leave it alone. 
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